Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Quilt Group Retreat

I have gone from quilting and stitching at the beach to quilting and stitching at the local state park on a retreat with my small quilt group.
We did a group project of making portable ironing mats that fold up and carry your hot iron home from class or retreat.

I have had this cute countryside fabric with windmills on it for over 15 years and it FINALLY got used. The finished totes looked so cute side by side.

I also worked on some pear appliqué blocks made with Kaffee Fassett fabric called "pear" adise (pattern by pixiegirlquilts.com).

They were turning out pretty cute and have black and white fabric for sash and borders, but, there was not enough fabric for the inner border in the kit I bought.

Arrrgh, don't you just hate when that happens! I bought the kit from a shop when I was traveling last fall so it is not even a local shop. I have written them to see if they have more fabric....I only need 2 one inch X WOF to finish this, otherwise I need to remove the 2 inner borders I have done and find a new fabric locally.
So "pear" adise went back in the tote and I finished the weekend working on my Scarlet Letter sampler.

I have really gotten a good start on this sampler and cross stitching on linen is starting to become more natural, I need to remember count threads not holes.

The members of my small quilt group were interested in the sampler and Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year blog, a couple gals even thought they had Scarlet Letter reproduction sampler charts somewhere in their sewing rooms and were going to go home and look for them.
Well after 3 weeks traveling and getting lots of stitching done I have returned home and gone back to the work at the hospital (I am an ultrasound technologist). I truly love my job and patients and have not once ever dreaded or not wanted to get up and go to work, but as I turn 60 this year I know I am really going to be good at retirement in a couple years.

Happy Stitching All,

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  1. Hi Cheri--Oooh I really like that pear--it is frustrating to come up short! that has happened to me, too. Maddening. Good luck on your search--did you try ebay? Julierose

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