Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Meet Teagyn, Raelynn, and Korryn.  They are the 12 week old triplets of a friend of my daughter.  I do not usually do to much garment sewing, but it was my absolute pleasure to alter their little baptism dresses to fit these little 8 pounders.
 I was thrilled they brought the girls over for a little visit along with their 10 week old cousin Carson whose mom is another friend of my daughter.
  Four little babies under 3 months old, there was lots of "rock a byeing" and catching up with my daughter's friends, a perfect afternoon.


  1. oh wow triplets, what a fun way to spend an afternoon just holding them and getting that baby fix and then sending them home!
    LOL must have been fun with 4 babies in the house !

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    1. Paula, I did see your comment and then I hit a button somehow and removed the comment accidently.

  3. Looks like you had a fun time. The Mom of those triplets will sure be busy.