Friday, July 6, 2012

Sunbonnet Sue Revisited.

She is one of the most recognized quilt blocks in the world. she has a love/hate relationship with quilters (google "the demise of Sunbonnet Sue), and she was the first quilt my mother made.

  This is a true 1960's quilt, my mom hand appliqued - with a black embroidery floss running stitch - and hand quilted this quilt in about 1967-68.  This was the first quilt in a series of four that my mom did for her daughters.  I am the oldest and this quilt became mine.

  I remember my mom coming in the house one spring afternoon and enlisting my help for a project.  She had spotted a Sunbonnet Sue quilt hanging on an elderly neighbor's cloths line.  We went with a sheet of notebook paper, pencil, and clipboard and while I held the clipboard behind the quilt she traced this Sunbonnet Sue pattern while the quilt was hanging on the clothesline. 
Mom only purchased the white fabric for the backgrounds and the light blue for the borders.  With four daughters she sewed most of our clothing and these Sue's were made out of the scraps from our sundresses, shorts, and shirts.

 It is interesting to me because looking closely at the fabrics some of the them look very current with today's fabrics.
 I can not remember any of us girls wearing the leopard print, but it was the 60s :)

I was taking a closer look at this quilt because I recently made a  little Sunbonnet Sue quilt for a friend.  She wanted a dolly blanket/quilt for her granddaughter.

 These little Sues are 5 inch blocks and made with Aunt Gracie reproduction fabrics.  I machine appliqued the blocks with a black blanket stitch.  The back is minkie fabric, I did very little quilting on it and  did not use any batting so it is nice and "drapey" and hug able.  Easy to wrap a baby doll in.  

Happy Stitching!


  1. What wonderful memories are sewn up in this quilt!! How special to have this quilt from your Mom. Do you remember the clothes she made for you with these fabrics? I have only a pincushion my mom made for me from pantsuit scraps - it's my favorite and I use it everyday. Good thing it's doubleknit polyester - it will never wear out :0)

  2. Love the story and the quilt.