Sunday, April 29, 2012

How Clever is This

This month's instructor over at the free motion quilting challenge is Don Linn, aka Mr. Quilt. The instruction is  a very clever technique to transfer your design to your quilt.  He goes over ways to take a line quilt drawing and gives suggestions to make changes, not only to the design to make it a little more individual, but also to adjust the size using a photocopier.  He then uses tulle, placed in a wooden embroidery hoop

and places it over the line drawn quilt design and traces it with a sharpie marker.  This works so nicely I just could not believe how accurate my quilt pattern traced and how well I could see it. 

 A quick iron of the tulle on the nylon setting to heat set the sharpie ink and I was ready to transfer the design to my practice quilt block. 

I place the tulle down on the section of the quilt block I needed the design and simply retraced it, this time using one of my preferred quilt marking pens. 

I have a closet full of quilt stencils,

but never seem to have one that fits my current project, this technique is opening up a lot of new possibilities for me to draw my own designs to fit exactly where I need them to and to get them transferred to the quilt in a quick and accurate way.  LOVE this technique!

Happy Stitching All!


  1. I am going to have to give this a try. I never had luck with the tulle but maybe in a hoop.