Friday, March 2, 2012

Quilting Around Embroidery???

I followed thru on my intention to spend my quilt retreat putting the states quilt together.  It is pieced, sandwiched and the quilting has begun.  The quilt is much larger than I expected, about 90 by 100 inches, I think if I had added the red, white, and blue borders it would have been a queen size quilt with a full drop, the borders touching the floor.  I decided to leave the borders off and stop where it is.  I am presently working on the center eagle block, doing some diagonal lines for background fill.  I know what I am going to do in the red areas, but I am a little unsure of how I am going to quilt around the embroideries. 


I am very open to suggestions!!  I will definitely quilt in the ditch around the stars, but I am thinking maybe I will stitch over the state outlines with invisible thread and then some kind of background fill around the rest of the embroideries.  Because it is such a large quilt I do not want to do anything very dense. 

Last weekend I was at my annual retreat with my small group.  I was a little remiss about taking photos and I did not get everyone in the group.  We had a great cabin at the local state park and set up our tables in a nice way that let everyone sew relatively close to each other and allowed for great visiting. 

 The weather was great, we got a lot of quilt tops completed, a lot of catching up with each others lives, and a little shopping.  A great time as always, miss you guys already!
Happy Stitching,

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  1. Nice progress on your quilt!! Love your picture too:)
    It looks like you have some terrific ideas for quilting. Just be sure to keep it consistent throughout the quilt.