Friday, March 16, 2012

Feathered Stars Are Not For The Faint of Heart

One of the first of March blocks in the Just Takes 2 quilt is a feathered star.  I think sometime many years ago when I was a beginning quilter I tackled one of these and I thought, "oh that isn't so hard".  I have no idea what happened to that block but for the last couple days I have been working on this one. 

 As you can see by my sewing room, I have directions at the right of the machine, at the machine, and at the left of the machine. 
 I am taking it nice and slow and laying out each piece like a big puzzle. 
This post was almost named "how many ways is it possible to sew half square triangles together wrong".  I can tell you there are A LOT of ways.  My seam ripper is stationed right next to my scissors by the machine. 
I am having fun however,  being mostly an appliquer, the piecing of this quilt is good for me to keep up those skills.  I learned with this block that even if you press your seams open as the instructions suggest you can still see the points on the open pressed seams for accurate piecing. 

The next block for this quilt is a compass star!!!  Yikes!!!!

Happy Quilting Day (and St. Patricks Day)  to you all!  Bop on over to and enjoy some free shows this weekend, they are available Mar 16 -18.  I have my computer set up in my sewing room and am listening to shows as I stitch.


  1. Cheri, your feathered star looks great. I would love to make one - keep putting it off. I have made a Mariner's compass star and they are not so bad. Have fun.

  2. I'm hoping to get my FS block completed today!!

  3. I love Feathered Stars. I've never been brave enough to try to make one. One day... :0)

  4. I love your feathered star. I've printed the JT2 patterns but haven't started yet. Your quilt will be wonderful.

  5. Wow, that star is impressive. I had hoped to start that quilt but unfortunately life got in the way of this one so sadly I must give it a pass. Happily I will be able to follow your progress. :)

  6. I made one and one only feathered star. But they sure are pretty. And I'm sure yours is perfect

  7. I was blog hopping and found your great blog - so I'm your newest follower - am just learning quilting and love the way your show the steps in your last post.

    All the best, Katie from