Friday, September 2, 2011

Quilting with Jane Eyre

My love of Itunes University continues, I have found a section called Lit 2 Go from the University of Southern Florida where many of the classics in literature are in audio files.

I love to listen to the audio books while I sew. I have the web site on my ipad (a recent splurge for my birthday) but you can get to Itunes on your computer also. I am working on a Christmas wall hanging quilt called Stars Over Bethlehem a pattern from Stitches and Sew Forth.
A little piecing, a little applique, a little embroidery, this quilt has it all.
I have also been doing a little work on (drum roll please)
Roseville Album. I have had so many quilts I am working on for others I have not done an album block in a looooong time. This block is just prepped for machine applique, but it is a little progess none the less.

Have a good weekend all,



  1. It's fun to work at different mediums when quilting, keeps a gal motivated :0) I'm going to start listening to books next week as I make the long communte to work (45min - an hour drive each way).


  2. I love the different components of this project - I look forward to seeing it come together :0)

  3. You've been busy! My husband always gives me a hard time because I jump about between different projects (I think mainly because he can't tell what I'm doing), but I enjoy it. I also listen to books on tape/cd/etc from our local library--it is like two pleasures at once (3 if you add chocolate). Your Roseville is very pretty!