Friday, June 17, 2011

Red and Green Inspiration

I spent more time outside working in the yard than with quilting this week. I realized my love of red and green applique quilts translates to my flower choices. And every great red and green palette needs just a touch of yellow.

I did have a couple more customer quilts that I completed this week. My mother's dear friend Lil, (who is in her 90s) still enjoys piecing table runners, and pillows and then she sends them to me to quilt.

Also one more charity quilt from the ladies at St Luke Methodist church. This very pretty and scrappy blue and white quilt ended up with stars on it. I really wanted to quilt feathers all over it, but I kind of saw the quilt eventually for a male and did not want to make it to feminine.

Just found out cutest grand baby in the world (and his parents) will be coming up from Texas for a little visit over the 4 th of July holiday. He loves water, as you see him here with Grandpa, and I have been having fun buying pool toys and other goodies to do a little spoiling. Hoping for hot, hot weather...

Have a good week all,

Happy Stiching,



  1. I hope I'm still quilting when I'm 90!! Enjoy your time with your grandson!

  2. Little boys do love water!! I know you are going to have a wonderful time spoiling him and then sending him home with the parents to deal with the results LOL.


  3. the quilt is your banner is just so pretty.
    enjoy your time with your grandson.