Friday, May 13, 2011

and the quilting goes on and on and on

Are you sick of hearing about the quilting of the Civil War Bride Quilt? Well, I am too. I am, however, determined to finish it in the next week or so and it is basically the only thing I am allowing myself to work on (except for maybe a short blog post).

I am up to the borders, this straight line quilting with all the starts and stops is just a little TEDIOUS. It is also a huge thread waster.

But in the end I am very pleased with the results. I can not wait to get this quilt hanging on a wall in my home.

I have gotten a little gardening done around the house and splurged on this beautiful hanging basket for my front porch.

The tag says the plant is Super Bells, whatever, I just liked the little white flowers. Last night I had to bring it into the house due to a severe thunderstorm with hail that passed thru Omaha. This storm has cooled down our weather for the weekend, sort of grey and raining…stay in and quilt weather, so back to it I will go.

Happy Stitching all,


  1. Cheri, don't forget to email a full size photo to me when you finish the CWBQ so that I can put it on our 'finished' page, it's looking beautiful..

  2. Naw I'm not tired of hearing about it but I can hardly wait to see it all finished :o)


  3. I love to see your progress with your CWB quilting. The borders are looking great! I can't wait to see it finished!!