Saturday, April 2, 2011


It has been a week of finishes for me. YoYoville (pattern by Anne Sutton from Bunny Hill Designs) is completed. YEA!I have also finished the applique on my Civil War Bride Quilt. YEA! YEA! I found a great fabric for the back and I think I am going to try this same backing fabric for a piped edge on the front. My binding is the same fabric as the background, would a thin line of line of green look odd on the edge?

The quilt has been layered and I have started the outline quilting. It is so full of applique there is not much room for much else than background filler around the applique in the center blocks. For now I have not marked anything and I am just going to start quilting around all the applique.

My DH is always so supportive of my quilting hobby, always willing to check out shops in areas we are traveling through. He is also my expert with a spoon, closing safety pins on the layered quilts. What a gem!!!

Happy Stitching,



  1. Wow!! I don't even like yo-yo's but that quilt is wonderful!! :-D And the Civil War Bride is a beauty for sure, and looks like you've done phenomenal work on it!! I'd love to get started on mine -- it's on the list!! LOL What a good hubby, closing the pins is a pain! :-D
    Mary Lou

    Both quilts are just STUNNING!!!!! DId you quilt the yoyo quilt yourself? It is AMAZING!

  3. Congratulations on getting two quilts done, well one done and one top done :0)!! I love the little houses in the border of the YoYo quilt.

    I don't think a thin line of green will look odd at all. It does look to be a challenging quilt to quilt up. How was the original quilted?


  4. Yahoo!!! How fantastic to have it basted and ready to quilt. It should be fun to revisit the blocks as you add the stitching.
    How nice of hubby to help out!

  5. Wow--two quilts and both great! I am so jealous of your Civil War quilt (something I've wanted to do since first seeing the quilt in a photo maybe 25 years ago). Yours is beautiful! Had no idea there was a pattern until recently, so maybe someday... You are lucky to have a such a supportive DH!

  6. Wow. Looks fantastic. Can't wait for you to help me pick fabric for mine. Great job and pic of John