Friday, November 19, 2010


I knew when I returned from my recent trip I would be working on a very special quilt. I can not reveal all of the quilt yet, but I have been asked to quilt it. I am machine quilting with my regular machine (not the mid arm).
I had some ideas of how I would quilt this quilt, there is sort of a water theme going on, there are turtles in the border and I have outlined them in the background of the body of the quilt with surrounding pebbles. To keep the border as densely quilted as the body of the quilt and because the border fabric is dark and would not show any quilting I just quilted some wavy, watery lines.

The "oops" comes because I thought I would give the Supreme Slider, a special Teflon mat that fits over the bed of the sewing machine, a try. This mat is suppose to make machine quilting much easier, and make the moving of the quilt over the machine bed much smoother, especially if you are doing a lot of small, detailed quilting. When I run out of bobbin thread I usually place a straight pin to mark my spot and earlier this afternoon I pinned right thru the slider - oops.
Now I find out I have sewn right thru the slider - OOPS - the slider slid right along with the quilt. I do not think this is how the designer of the slider envisioned it's use. For this evening I am calling it quits and I will start fresh in the morning.
Have a good weekend all and happy stitching,

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  1. oooo, I had the same thing happen to my slider. I ended up sending it back when they came out with the newer one, and just paying the difference. They were very sweet about replacing it.