Friday, September 3, 2010

Quilt Repeat

Can you make the same quilt over? I don't mean small table runners or even baby quilts - I have done 5 or 6 bug jar quilts - I mean bed size, applique, time consuming quilts. I really can not, once I make a large quilt I am finished with the pattern, I don't like to do it again. I just finished quilting Cathy's lovely applique quilt (sorry I can not remember the name of this pattern) and it is the second time around. I quilted the first one for her a couple years ago and her daughter-in-law loves this quilt so she made another one for her for Christmas. It is all hand appliqued with blanket stitch using embroidery floss. I think they are both beautiful and I am impressed she did it again. Cathy brought the first quilt over so I could quilt it somewhat the same. It was certainly my pleasure to quilt them both (machine quilting I can do over and over).

Before starting Cathy's quilt I got a good start on the Hawaiian applique. It is on the long arm, I am doing all the quilt in the ditch around the applique and the echo quilting in the center white sections. Once I have the whole quilt stabilized with the outline quilting all finished I am going to do the echo quilting on the top and bottom, then turn the quilt on the frame and do the two sides. It will be a lot of starts and stops on the echo quilting, but that is the only way I can think to complete it.

I am also working on block five of the Civil War Bride, I machine quilt during the day on my day's off from work and applique at night while watching TV or chatting with my DH. This is a long weekend in the United States, Monday is a holiday - Labor Day. Enjoy you weekend.

Happy Stitching all...



  1. Nope, won't ever do the same quilt twice, too many other pretty patterns to do :o)

    Lovely block!


  2. Love your CW bride block!!
    I'm with you, pass the pattern on once I make it.

  3. Cheri, thank you for responding to my comment. I was unable to write you back as you are set up as a no-reply blogger and don't have an e-mail addy for you. If you would like to change your status: Go to your Dashboard, click on Edit Profile, Click the box next to Show my email address and click Save.

    I love living in ND and you are right, the people are soooo friendly. I'm from Seattle and we moved out here 11 years ago. I'm a small town girl at heart :)