Friday, September 17, 2010

Aunt Gracie Room

Long ago, when I first started quilting, my quilts were made from muslin and calicoes (my mom and grandma used muslin and clothing scraps and feed sacks). Aunt Grace reproduction fabrics are a favorite of mine and to this day a muslin and small scale calico just says "Quilt" to me. I have made a lot of quilts using 30s reproduction fabrics and decided to turn my guest bedroom into an Aunt Gracie room and display those quilts. So this is a little quilt show for you and a few of the Aunt Gracie quilts from the past few years.The quilt on the bed is one of my few hand quilted ones, I am more of a machine quilter. It is from the book Favorite Scrap Quilts, I am an appliquer at heart and used an applique techinique to make the drunkards path blocks for this quilt.
I do not remember the name and designer of this quilt, the embroidered blocks are herbs.
The baby quilt is a bow tie block and the name of the quilt is Buttons and Bows. I had traced circles on the white corners of the bowtie blocks and then stipple quilted the negative space and it ended up looking like buttons. This quilt won a blue ribbon in my local guild show.

I used the treadle from an old singer sewing machine cabinet for the TV stand in this bedroom.

My son made the jelly cabinet with the tin punched Ohio Star pattern inserts in a high school wood making class, it fits right in this quilty guest bedroom.

One more wall and one more Aunt Grace quilt, this is a hand applique and again I do not remember the pattern designer.

Happy Stitching All,



  1. Your guest room is sooo inviting. I LOVE the bed quilt. I'm not a fan of Aunt Gracie fabrics but love the soft look hey give....kind of a contridiction LOL.


  2. Cheri,

    I love your Aunt Grace quilts. The pastels lend a special charm to the room.


  3. What a fun and welcoming guest room! Love the one on the guest bed especially.