Monday, August 16, 2010

Cool Pantos

I have been busy this week working on quilting Sarah and Judy's quilts. There are such great pantograph designers these days it just makes long arm edge to edge quilting so much fun to do. This falling leaves pattern by Sew-Phie quilts (copyright 2009) was perfect for Sarah's scrappy green quilt. This is just a short section of the pattern, it has a 52 inch repeat and each row you start on a different mark on the bottom of the pattern giving it a very custom look.

Judy's beautiful fabric from her recent trip to Hawaii was just a joy to see. I remember this mom and daughter duo working on both of these quilts at my small groups winter retreat this

past February. Judy picked a great Star variegated thread for this quilt, bright oranges, greens, and yellows, the back of the quilt is as fun as the front. Thank you for letting me quilt your quilts ladies, they are beautiful.

Happy Stitching all...


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