Saturday, October 15, 2016

Applique and a Recipe

Just a few quick progress picture from Celebrating Mary Brown (pattern by Corliss Searcey,

This block finishes the center four for the quilt.

Also some work on Rowdy Flat Library quilt mystery BOM. (pattern by Susan Smith)

I am not much of a cook but I saw this simple 5 ingredient almond crusted chicken dish on a TV show and it really is easy and delish!

Happy Stitching and occasional cooking :)




  1. Your Mary Brown blocks are gorgeous. Love the fabrics you have chosen for them. I am drooling!

  2. You've used such wonderful fabrics in your Mary Brown blocks. Your applique is so beautiful! They look lovely together. The Rowdy Flat Library quilt has been a fun one to follow online :0) Your blocks are very pretty.

  3. Your appliqué is so inspiring Cheri. I'm tempted to try Mary Brown, but I'm being disciplined at the moment, need to finish some other things off first. It was beautiful to see it in person at Threadbear.

  4. Wow....Lots of wonderful fabrics for gorgeous appliqués !
    Congratulations for your work Cheri !

  5. Very nice both the Rowdy flats and the Mary Brown. You choose very complementary fabrics for both projects. Very pretty and inspirational.

  6. Looking at your beautiful applique blocks makes me want to get Corliss's Mary Brown pattern and start stitching. Your blocks are lovely and the fabrics and colors you've chosen are fabulous. Your work is gorgeous!

  7. Your applique blocks are amazing!! Truly beautiful!