Friday, January 29, 2016

Winter Texans

Our escape from the cold weather of Nebraska continues in Galveston, Texas. We have been here for the month of January. The above picture is one I caught of Stonefields all folded up in the travel trailer and the sun shining through a window showing some of the quilting in individual blocks.

This is our second year in Galveston and there is a great group of fellow Winter Texan stitchers. We get together every week and work on our own crafts-some painting, some knitting, some quilting, and even a couple scrap bookers and cross stitcher. We also work on some charity projects, pillowcases for the local Shriner's hospital ( that is me -back row in the red).

I had to brush up on my crochet skills for baby hats for the neonatal intensive care unit at the local county hospital.

I have REALLY missed my sewing machine this year and I am looking at some small light weight models to maybe take along next year. I know about singer feather weights and Janome gem golds, but I kind of like to do blanket stitch applique and I would really like to find a 3/4 size machine that would have that stitch available. In the meantime my hand work projects are moving along, the stack of connector blocks for Patchwork of the Crosses is getting taller.

We also have the luxury of many beach walks.

And getting to know some of our local neighbors.

Happy Stitching,




  1. I see the family of mallards welcomed you to Texas. Well, I am a Mallard, too. So welcome to Texas and I hope you enjoy your stay.
    Bertha Mallard

  2. That looks like a great time away. The crochet hat are adorable. I'm sure they will be appreciated