Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Beach Quilt

I have a friend who asked me to make a beach quilt for her. She was stationed in Washington state when her husband was in the Navy and McKenna Ryan's quilt "From the Coast With Love" was a perfect pattern.

I just finished assembling the blocks for this quilt this morning. If you have not ever made a McKenna Ryan quilt, the first part is all tracing, cutting, layering, and fusing the appliqué pieces onto the block. All of the fabrics are batiks, so there are lots of oportunities to find just the right shading and shadowing for each piece. I follow the pictures on the patterns quite closely as I am not that artistically minded. The raw edges of the appliqués will be stitched down when the assembled blocks are quilted.

A lot of these blocks remind me of the Texas coast where we like to vacation and spent last winter.

Many laughing seagulls in these blocks.

But this quilt is definitely from the Pacific coast with it's sea otters,


and heavily forested islands.

The next part will be sewing the blocks together and a few more appliqués in the borders. It is a rainy cool day here in Nebraska, a good day for sewing and dreaming of the beach.

Happy Stitching,




  1. I love these blocks; I have never made a McKenna Ryan block--are they difficult--and do you plan to machine applique or hand applique the edges? I especially like the tree and those sandpipers...this will be a gorgeous piece--looking forward to seeing it come together....I am interested in trying fused quilts and have the book by Laura Wasilowski " Fanciful stitches: Colorful quilts" but they are mostly very bright and modern. Hugs, Julierose

  2. You are a very talented woman. These blocks are beautiful and so different.

  3. What a beautiful project! Your blocks are wonderful so far. I look forward to seeing the blocks put togethe into a top :0) I don't believe for a second that you aren't artistically minded - no one could make the gorgeous quilts that you make without it!

  4. I love her patterns. The fabric choices you made bring it to life.

  5. Really pretty. Reminds me a lot of what we are seeing in florida. Nice job