Thursday, April 16, 2015

Back to Patchwork of the Crosses

We have a road trip coming up and English paper piecing is a great take along project for me. I have planned to make the quilt with 49 blocks in a 7 x 7 grid.
These are the last few blocks I have made and the main 49 are finished. Yea!
I have been going through all my left over fabric from the main blocks and started to cut the small square corner blocks. 68 of these are needed.
Next will come around 1000 fussy cut sashing connector blocks from this fabric.
ONE THOUSAND ! What was I thinking? It is a good thing I enjoy the process, you sort of get into a rhythm.
Finally the background pieces will be sewn to the sashing and corner squares to make these two different units. They will be sewn between the main 49 blocks.
Easy right? This quilt is not even to the half way point yet. It is not going to be finished for a long time but that is okay I have come to enjoy these labor intensive quilts.
My husband has been telling me there has been a black squirrel around lately and I finally spotted him at my neighbor's feeder today.
Happy Stitching and Happy Spring!


  1. Wow! You get unbelievable variety with all of your fussy cutting and value changes! My favorite has to be the one with the bright pink center. They all look really cool! I like those labor intensive qults too :0) I enjoy sitting back and enjoying the process and making something incredible. You don't get incredible in an afternoon.

  2. Such beautiful blocks, but if I had to make this quilt I think would go ahead and start shopping for a gun.. English PP is Just not my thing. I don't think I have ever seen a black squirrel.

  3. That quilt is going to be a stunner! Nice to have it all ready to grab and sew.

  4. The top pic with the bottom right block really caught my eye! It is different from the rest. Love these blocks. Safe travels and happy quilting

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  6. I have been looking for just the right print for the connecting squares. Do you mind sharing what fabric this is?