Sunday, October 12, 2014

My New Sewing Room

We have had a lot of changes this last month. My husband and I have retired!

After months of planning we are going to hit the road and do some traveling.

This is our new home on wheels.

This dinette and the storage space under the seat is my new sewing room. My sweet husband is more than willing to take my sewing machine, but I have carefully packed and prepared hand projects.

I have four applique blocks from the Sue Garman applique class all ready to go. I also have a couple little knitting projects (a new hobby for me), a needlework sampler, and most of the Patchwork of the Crosses english paper piecing quilt in the tub.

Ziplock baggies are my new best friends in preparing our RV for our travels. Here are baggies of precut berries and batting for making stuffed berries for the applique blocks.

I am sure that I have packed enough to keep me busy for three times the amount of time we will be traveling. I am having to say goodbye for a while to some of my projects. Auntie Green is coming along nicely. I have the right side border finished and am now working on the left border. She has just grown to large to take along.

We are so excited about our new adventure. We are off to warmer climates, meeting new friends, and stitching at the beach.





  1. Congratulations on both of your retirements. Have safe trips and many hours enjoying your hobbies.

  2. Congratulations on the retirement! My hubby and I took the jump in April. Have not gotten to travel much yet, but life is wonderful when you do not have to meet the clock each day. Have a wonderful time on your trip. Enjoy the hobbies and time together.

  3. Oh have a wonderful journey--wow lotsa berries--enjoy your retirement! hugs from a 10-year retiree--Julierose

  4. That is very exciting! How long will you be gone? I look forward to seeing photos Of your travels and quilt projects.

  5. Enjoy your travel time. I always take more on vacation than I could ever accomplish but afraid I might just run out of stitching I can do.

  6. Your new home looks cozy :0) have a fantastic trip!! I'd be in a panic prepping stuff to bring because what does a person do when they run out of sewing??? It looks like you are well prepared. I love your Auntie Green - she'll be there when you get back. Stitching at the beach sounds heavenly :0)

  7. Enoy your travels. It is my husband's idea of heaven. You will either do loads of sewing or none...... lols. I love the blocks you are taking with you. I look forward to the travel journal.