Monday, August 18, 2014

The Strangest Fabric Bleed

I was working on a hanging sleeve for Ladies of the Sea and noticed a little dirty spot on the back of the quilt. I wet a wash cloth to clean it and it became larger! A purple fabric bleeding! It is the strangest fabric bleed I have ever seen. The quilt is completely quilted and, thankfully, the bleed is only showing up on the back.

The front is okay, this purple fabric on just this one compass point is bleeding through the batting to the back of the quilt. I had hand washed every single batik I used on this appliqué and rinsed it until the water was clear.

Strange, but again, thankful it is on the back of the quilt. Now a little camouflage is necessary.

With the boat and ocean theme of the quilt I decided to appliqué a little family of sea turtles swimming across the back of the quilt. I though one lone turtle would be a little suspicious of a cover up.

It is a little difficult to appliqué and not go through to the front of the quilt but I think this is going to work. Bleeding disaster averted and Ladies of the Sea is still getting sent to the AQS show.




  1. Oh good save! Cute Sea turtles--isn't quilting all about having to change midstream??? Hugs, Julierose

  2. I admire your creative fix! Batiks are a bleeding issue--I've had problems though I always prewash. Now I routinely use Retayne on all batiks...hopefully that will fix them.

  3. very cute turtle family, great save!

  4. Very creative solution! Good you can still show it.
    Good luck at the show!

  5. This is very strange but what a clever way to fix it.

  6. Turtles only add to the theme.....may be just the item that gets the most attention.

  7. Nice save! The bleeding does seem a little odd

  8. Such an amazing solution! Perhaps just as well it did bleed. It is a lovely addition to the quilt.