Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Little Cleaning Out

Happy New Year!
I have been working steadily on Ladies of the Sea, and the red and green applique, but no new pictures to show.  I decided to start the new year with a little sewing room cleaning out.  I tried putting a couple books and some fabric for sale on ebay over the weekend.  I was surprised how well I did, my Thimbleberries fabrics are gone, I have not used anything from that collection for years. 

  So I decided to have another go and went thru some of my Aunt Grace fabric stash and put a couple more books for sale.

 There are a lot of books I buy, just to read about a technique but that I do not have any intention of making anything out of, so I am not real sentimental about some of the quilting books I buy.  I enjoy the read or looking thru them and then can let them go.   I tend to buy a whole fat quarter collection of fabric and have lots of fat quarters I don't use.  It is time to thin this stash one way or another.  If this goes well this week I am going to get into the batiks next.

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  1. Great. I tried to get rid but bit having luck. Maybe you'll inspire me to try again