Sunday, August 12, 2012

Scrappy Stars and Jester's Hats

I can not believe we are already to the August free motion quilt challenge from SewCalGirl already.  The August instructor is Wendy Sheppard.  She gave instructions for a quilting motif she named Jester's Hats.  This motif could be used for a background fill, border, or even all over quilt design.  It gives nice texture as an all over pattern.    I wanted to give it a try as a border pattern and as a smaller background fill so I divided my little sample into a center square and a border.
  I had a hard time thinking "Pointy" (I really wanted to round those points) and ended up putting the pictures of jester hats right by my sewing machine so I could keep looking at it.  Wendy has a wonderful blog called Ivory Spring with lots of tutorials and great information and posts.

I made a few scrappy stars blocks and put them into a little table topper quilt that measures about 23 inches. 

 Happy stitching all!


  1. How fun to practice different designs!! Looks good to me.

    Your star quilt is really lovely!!