Monday, May 28, 2012

Used Bookstore Finds

Since I have started the red and green album quilt I have been looking through my collection of applique books for inspiration and patterns for some of my favorite blocks. This led to my shopping at a second hand book store, browsing through their craft section I hit a jackpot. My first find was the above March, 1994 issue of Antiques magazine.
Inside was an article about Baltimore Album quilts by Jennifer Goldsborough (at that publishing she was the chief curator of the Maryland Historical Society in Baltimore).

Since the magazine was among the quilting books in the store I figured it is known as a collectible issue to quilters.

Jennifer Goldsborough also wrote Lavish Legacies: Baltimore Album and Related Quilts in the Collection of the Maryland Historical Society. This book was the result of the exhibition of the Maryland Historical Society's (1994-1995) collection of Baltimore Album quilts. The Antiques magazine article was because of this exhibition and Jennifer Goldsborough's study and book. I had heard of Lavish Legacies and have always wanted to read it but the book is quite expensive on the secondary market. Well, jackpot # 2 at the used book store.

This copy of the book has a torn and taped cover, hardly noticeable. 

I have been studying and enjoying it ever since.

I picked up one more old book that day, Forget Me Not, A Gallery of Friendship and Album Quilts by Jane Bentley Kolter, published in 1985.

I have just browsed quickly through it at this point, but am anxious to read it also.

I have managed to get another Ladies of the Sea (pattern by Sue Garman) block completed, the America.

She was commissioned by the New York Yacht club in 1851 and is the namesake of the challenge race, The America's Cup.

I also completed one more block for the red and green album quilt.

Happy Stitching All,


  1. Wow--you made some great finds! And, I love your red/green block--it's really beautiful!

  2. Good score. I have those 2 books and love looking at them both.

  3. Your blocks are gorgeous!! Love the colors and fabrics of the second one especially. What great finds in the 2nd hand bookstore!

  4. You have some fabulous books there and I've been keeping my eye out for the lavish legacies for a reasonable price so I know how rare it is, great finds!
    Your blocks are superb as usual, love the red and green of course.

  5. two of my favorite books, lucky you finding them in a used book shop!
    oh my I would love a copy of that magazine
    I will have to start searching for it.
    LOVE< LOVE LOVE your red and green block and the Ladies of the Sea block just beautiful
    your inspiring me to really consider making this quilt

  6. I'd say you hit the jackpot!!
    Love your ship block- wow!