Monday, October 24, 2011

Jelly Roll Race Results!

This past weekend was a fall quilt retreat for my local quilt guild and my small group did the jelly roll race. We did not really race, we worked at our own pace.We learned a few things about this quick little quilt, first and foremost it is worth your while to take the time before starting to sew to straighten out your long strip of fabric and fold it sort of accordion style like Cheryl has here beside her sewing machine. If you do not you end up with the jelly roll "Twist" or as Leslie called it the Jelly Roll Corkscrew.
But we eventually all got started sewing our jelly rolls and progress was quickly made.The first quilt top finished was by Judy and it took her just a little over an hour.

Here are some more results:
I did my quilt with Kaffe Fassett prints and got a border added.Our little corner of the retreat center looked so cheerful with all of our jelly roll quilts hanging around. These are fun little quilts and we could all think of additional quilts we wanted to do.I also got a lot of work done on the quilt I am doing with my Mom (check back a post or two) and was caught in this picture doing some tracing of embroidery blocks for her. ( I am also in the post header group picture - the tall one in the back)
It was a great retreat, I loved spending time with all of you! I am off to Texas later this week to see the cutest grand baby in the world and spend a day at the International Quilt Festival.
Happy Stitching All!


  1. what fun it looks like everyone was having making these quilts too!
    I love the variety of looks the quilts have with different fabrics, oh that kaffe border adds alot to the quilt!

  2. What a unique way to use jelly rolls. Your quilt is so colourful and I like the addition of the border.

  3. That sure looks like fun. I love yours done in the Kaffe fabrics.

  4. They all look great! We did a jelly roll race at our last retreat and everyone had a blast. What I found amazing was how different everyone's quilts looked.

  5. It's just the perfect project for a quilting get together. They all look so great and yet so different. I would think it a fabulous idea for a charity quilt along too.

  6. I saw this jelly roll race done on another blog. Looks like fun and what a great collection of quilts you all got done.