Friday, August 12, 2011

A Ghastlie Pillowcase

My sister in law saw a recent post about a customer quilt I quilted that used the fabric line Ghastlie Manor from Alexander Henry. She wanted to know where to get the main fabric because my nephew currently loves creepy, scary, eerie things (much to her chagrin because he is a preacher's kid, : ) don't you know PKs are always the worst ones in the bunch). Anyway, I sent her the info about the fabric line and a couple websites of where to order it but I also went right to my local quilt store and got a little so I could make a couple pillowcases. There are lots of pillowcase patterns on line but I used the instructions from Lazy Girl and I made two in about an hour. So Orden John, they are in the mail on the way to your house, one for you and one not so scary one for your sister Sherrie. Happy, happy dreams you guys! I also have had a couple quilts on the long armmachine lately, love this Plummage pantograph by Willow Tree. This quilt belongs to Donna, she is making it for her granddaughter. I also quilted this lovely little musical quilt that Donna made for a friend, very pretty.

Happy Stitching All


  1. What a fun thing to make for your niece and nephew. And I love that quilt pattern. I too have a longarm but usually just do free hand patterns. Clearly I need to practice more feathers as yours are stunning.

  2. Oooo he's gonna LOVE his new pillow case as will his sister :0) That plummage panto is great!!


  3. Ghastly, but gorgeous! It looks very nice, and the pattern makes it a very nice pillowcase. The patterns are pretty fun to look at.

    Keila Garstka