Saturday, October 2, 2010

Under Duress

I went shopping for two things today, this wonderful pile of Kaffe Fassett fabrics for Roseville Album and the pattern and fabric for scrub pants. I DETEST garment sewing! My local guild's fall retreat is coming up and my small group wants to wear matching lounge/pajama bottoms. Maybe duress is too strong of a word, I have not exactly been threatened and I doubt they would kick me out of the the group if I didn't participate. I hate being a party poop, but I hate sewing clothing also.
I do not even make the cute tote bags everybody is doing because the straps are to much like garment sewing for me. When I purchased my sewing machine a few years ago I sat quietly thru the section on buttonholing and zippers in my new owners class - I could solemnly promise the instructor this Bernina would never make a buttonhole.
So this is my assignment for the next week or the pants. The fabric is kind of cute, the retreat is the week before Halloween so the fabric reflects the upcoming holiday. And seriously, when did patterns become $16.95 - Good Grief!
Until next time,


  1. Gosh Cheri, I think patterns are up around the $30/40 mark here and I totally agree, garment sewing - boring!!

  2. In this instance I would be a BIG party pooper, unless one of them wanted to make them for me LOL. After eons of years making clothing I gave it up totally, after I discovered quilting....I don't even do buttons!!