Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A new hobby

I have enjoyed reading quilter's blogs the past few months and recently joined the Civil War Brides Quilt Blog. I told the moderator, Lizzie, that I had no experience with blogging and she responded that I would find it habit forming. Well, here we go, this is mostly for me to update my quilting buddies on the projects I work on, but it is also to make new friends, and if I have a tip or two to pass on, so much the better. So this is a little short to begin with, but I am getting my thoughts in order, and still learning about ways to set up my blog, and the way I want it to appear.

I can already see this will take away sewing time, so for now I am off to the sewing room...

Happy Sewing all...



  1. Your CWB blocks are wonderful and I hope you enjoy your blogging journey. It can be very addictive! :)

  2. By accident I arrived on your lovely blog and I just see that you're blogging with the same intention as I do (for me it's a sort of diary too as I still am a "beginner" with patchwork and quilting...but I like to do it very much!).
    Happy sewing to you and greetings from Switzerland,